Car rental by name of the work of Tollywood, leaked is the true truth

Tollywood actor-actresses will be hired for the work. On hearing this, the owners agreed to give the car to him. The impression of a well-educated euphemism in the eyes, it seems like a son of a seemingly respectable family. There is no way to understand, that can do this work!

For several days, there were allegations of stealing cars near the police from several places in the state including Kolkata. But in every case there was a 'common' issue. The complainants said that a person wanted a car by the name of the work of Tollywood. But he did not get the car back.

Police in the investigation named after the charges The name of Pandya Pratik Bhattacharya of Inter-State Carriage Traffic. It is known that this person used to pay car rentals in different districts of the state including Kolkata. He used to trafficking the car in the Vinaraje Eventually the police came in the net in the symbol. Recovered 8 vehicles trafficked in the state of Vine.

Two more people have been arrested for selling in Bin Rajya. After questioning the symbol, one arrested from Manipur.

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