How To Apply For Rupasree Prakalpa 2018 । Get Rupasree Prakalpa Form Online । Full Details In Bangla

The formation of the formula project started on Wednesday. If the annual income of the family is Rs 1.5 lakhs or below, then the adult youths will get Rs. 25,000 / - under this project. Finance Minister Amit Mitra announced the project while presenting the state budget last month. During the announcement, he announced the project as the Chief Minister's dream project.

After completing the wedding day under the Rupsharee project, the bridegroom must complete the form. The form will be deposited in the bank account 5 days before the wedding by verifying the form.

Where does the form get?
The forms of Rupshree project match in different government departments.

1. BDO Office
2. Office of the sub-divisional authority

3. Office of the Commissioner of the Pair Corporation

What documents do you need?
There are several documents to be submitted with the form of Rupshree project.

1. Certified copy of birth certificate or birth certificates
2. The details of the pot are to be submitted
3. Wedding card or any other proof
4. The applicant is willing to confess that he is voluntarily getting married
5. Voter ID card and Aadhaar card
6. Bank account details

How to get money?
If all the documents are submitted, the government official will look into it. If all the information is correct, the money will be deposited in the bank's bank account just 5 days before marriage.

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