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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is in second place in the Gradection of Indian cricketers, but the former captain was also offered with the proposal that has been declared the first level of 'A plus' at this time, Virat Kohli. Binod Rai, the head of the board's governing committee, said,

Recently Indian cricketers have been divided into four stages in the central contract. For top cricketers, 'A plus' and the rest have been placed at 'A', 'B', 'C' level. Dhoni is in 'A'. But there is a level that needs to be on top of that. Both Vinod Rai and Dhoni both gave the proposal.
"When we talk to Dhoni and Virat about this, they told me that those who play in all formats should keep them in a special category," he told the news agency on Sunday. In December last year, he sat with the former and current captain Vinod Rai

After meeting with two people, the admired administrator-chief said, "The confidence that they have between each other is remarkable. It is wonderful. They both respect each other very much. "Why Dhoni is indispensable in the Indian team, too, Rai talks about that meeting.

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