latest news today ,Messi goals again, win Barcelona

Lionel Messi scored again in La Liga. On Sunday, Messi and Paco Alcasar scored the goals of the athletic Bilbao 2-0 defeat Barcelona. Messi scored this goal in La Liga. As a result, Barcelona dominated the top of the table. Barça went 11 points ahead of second place Athletico Madrid.

The home ground was played in Camp Nou, but Barcelona did not get to Luis Suarez due to Sergio Buscats and Suspension for injury this day. Barcelona's success in this weekend has been a tremendous success. Chelsea lost in the second leg of the Champions League four days before the tournament was knocked out Barcelona Of which Messi had only two goals.

Alcasarao also took away the attention. Instead of Luis Suarez, he took the field to Ernesto Valvarde In eight minutes, he forwarded the team. His first goal in La Liga after November. Messi then made 2-0. In this season, the Prince of Barcelona has scored 35 goals in all the tournaments. In this match, Messi took part in the match with a record of 16 goals in 18 appearances against athletic Bilbao in Camp Nou. But his bending free kick saved the opponent goalkeeper Kappa Arizalaga.

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