latest news today, rahul david fruad by cheat fund of 20 core rupees

Rahul Dravid, who is investing Rs 20 crore in Chit Fund, is heading. The former captain of the Indian cricket team deposited the money in a company named Vikram Investments, after getting the promise of a much more return than the market. But stay away from excessive money, did not get the money back. Finally he went to the Bangalore Police.

Police sources said, the company raised the money with the promise of interest at 40 percent. Not only Dravid, Saina Nehwal, Prakash Padukone, star sportsmen also kept their money in this organization. It is known that they had given money to the mediator of a Bangalore-based sports journalist.
Dravid complained that if he wanted to return the investment of at least 20 crore, he would be given back rs 16 crore. The remaining four crore taka was not found more than once.
Police have arrested five people, including Raghavendra Srinath, for allegedly cheating 800 people by cheating the interest of high interest. Among the assassins, Sutrama Suresh is also a sports journalist who worked as agent for the organization. In all, the company has been accused of financial corruption of about 300 crore rupees.

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