Latest Banking News Today,Fixed Deposit Interest Rates Of This Bank Are Better Than SBI's

Bandhan Bank Fixed Deposit (FD) interest rates
For FDs (fixed deposits) of six months to one-year tenure, Bandhan Bank offers an interest rate of 7.55 per cent per annum. On a one-year FD, it offers an interest rate of 7.75 per cent per annum. An FD which matures in one-two years, Bandhan Bank offers an interest rate of 8.05 per cent.

Bandhan Bank
Six months to one year7.55%
one year7.75%
One year to 2 years8.05%
State Bank of India (SBI)
211 days to one year6.9%
one year to less than two years7.15%
Punjab National Bank (PNB)
6 months to one year6.85%
one year7.1%
1-3 years7.25%
6 months five days to less than one year6.9%
One year but less than two years7.35%

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