latest banking news,withdraw money using atm card without atm machine

A few days ago, acrimonious periods of cash and cash in ATM and bank appeared in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and parts of Delhi. Customers do not get the money in the trouble when they fall.

From now on, customers can withdraw money with Point of Sale or POS machine. This money can be withdrawn with the help of debit card. These commercial establishments will be available at the same time as the POS of SBI. However, there will be no separate charge for this.

However, this facility is available, not only SBI but other bank debit cards. This is a demand made in a report published in the All India Newspaper.
It has been learned that, in the new rules, Tier One and Tier 2 cities will be able to collect 1000 paisa per card. From tier 3 to tier-sized cities, up to 2000 taka per card will be taken up.

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