Get Loan For New Business,SIDBI Will Help You If You Have Any Technology Related Business Idea

What is the scheme
In order to create new business opportunities in the field of technology, creation scheme has been started, in which Technology Innovation Program and SIDBI are collaborating together. Under this, any person who has a business related business of technology can apply for the scheme. 

How to get loan
Under the scheme, you can download the application through, in which if you are an existing businessman then you have to give full details of the business. Based on this, the business will be reviewed for you. If the Review Team likes your Concepts, then you will be selected for the scheme.
-If you have only ideas, you can send your concept at this E-mail: and ask for assistance under the scheme. Depending on the sentiments sent to you, you will get an Assistance under the scheme. Apart from this, you can also get information on for more details.

How much do you have to invest

Under the creation scheme, you will get 80% of the total project cost. That is, if you make a project of up to Rs 50 lakh, then you will get a loan of up to Rs 40 lakh. You have to invest Rs 10 lakh from the rest. To repay the loan, you have to give an interest rate of 5%. Which is cheaper than half of the existing banks now.

Loan to be repaid in 6 years

Under the scheme, you will get 6 years to repay the loan after the project starts. Which includes the Moratorium period. That is, once the project has been started and your business has started, you have to pay the loan within six years.

What will be the loan guarantee

Promoters will have to give their personal guarantee for the loan. Apart from this, for the project, the movable and immovable property will be prepared and it will also be kept as a guarantee on the basis of need.

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