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Hundreds of subscribers of bank fraud in Kolkata In fact, the Canada and State Bank customers are victims of fraud.

After the initial investigation, the investigators confirmed that all the money was being deleted online.
How are the criminals doing fraud? Two possibilities are coming up.
Firstly, the hackers take away detailed information about the card opening the Fake website. Hackers are now hacking the mobile SIM associated with the account.
This is the way the OTP is going to hackers. With the help of which customers are losing money from the account before understanding something.
Whenever hackers want, debit or withdrawing money with credit card details.
Also, the hackers are handling the card information by placing 'copier' card in the card slot of the machine. This 'copier' or skimming machine is not bigger than 3-3.5 inches. As a result, it can be easily hidden in the ATM machine swipe card.
Then, when a customer is going to withdraw money from the ATM machine, his card information is coming to the hackers through the machine. As a result customers can easily create fake cards.
And seeing the footage of ATM CCTV cameras, the PIN of the card is being hacked. Investigators believe that many ATM security guards involved in this fraud cycle are involved in many cases.

More information has emerged in the investigation. In the meantime, the looted account was Tk 50,000. Because, usually ATM cards can not be withdrawn more than one day.

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