how to unlink the Aadhaar card from the Paytm account

Unlinking Aadhaar Card from Paytm:
1) Call Paytm Customer Service: 01204456456- at this number.
2) Request an email to unlink your aadhaar card.
3) Then you will receive an e-mail from Paytm, where you will be asked to attach a copy of your receipt (soft copy). Already in order to take your request to work, you need to send a clear picture of your updated Aadhaar Card attached to PAYTM in an email.
4) Send Mail to Paytm with a clear picture of your Aadhaar card.

5) At the end, you will be sent an email from PayTm, which will be written, that your aadhaar will be unlinked within 72 hours.

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