Launch is the new Honda Activa, with matching yellow color

Launch is the fifth generation Honda Activa. On Wednesday, Honda brought a new scooter to the market. It is known to see the pictures of new scooters on the organization's website.

Honda was the first to sell scooter in India. And Honda is the most popular model of this activity. This scooter has been popular in India's market year after year.

Honda brings two variants of Activa 5G in the Indian market. This scooter will meet the standard and deluxe variant. Standard variant's X show room price is Rs 52,460, deluxe variant is available at Rs 54,325 in X show room price.

The new Honda Activa 5 has LED headlight and pilot lights. In front there is Chrome Finnish. New activists are made entirely of metallic materials instead of fiber. New Digital - Analog instrument cluster has 'Service Dew' Alarms and Echo Speed ​​Indicator.

There are also Tubeless Tires. The new scooter has 18 liters under seat storage. There are new hooks in front.

Honda Activa 5G to match the new 2 colors This scooter will be mixed in yellow and red color. But Honda did not alter the engine so much. As previously, 109 cc air cooled engines. Which matches the 8 Horsepower and 9 Neutermeter Torch.

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