Amazon launches Hindi website, millions of customers will benefit.Know Details

While addressing language related problems for Indian customers, Amazon India has launched Amazon.In in Hindi. With its launch, millions of Indian Indians will now be able to enjoy Amazon's simple and convenient online shopping. Customers can now read information in product details in Hindi. Customers can order orders as well as viewing deals and discounts. Apart from this, you can pay your order.
Hindi and Hindi websites will be available on the website.
Customers can now know their order history as well as managing their account information. The Hindi experience in the launch is available on the Amazon Android mobile app and mobile website. On this occasion, Manish Tewari, Vice President of Category Management in Amazon India, said, "We want all customers on to get all the products they want.Whether they speak any language or live anywhere in India. In order to fulfill this vision, this Hindi launch is a new step that will help bring the next 10 million customers online.
Special feature for millions of Hindi speaking customers
For the first time launching any Indian language, millions of Indian Hindi customers will be able to purchase in their preferred language. The upcoming festive season is a great opportunity for new customers to shop online. Customers can now buy Diwali for the first time in Hindi.Amazon has also said that customers will get the feature of the search in English and they have to write delivery address in English. In the next few months, the team will add some other features to Hindi such as product reviews, ratings, questions and answers.

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